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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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not do it from washington, d.c. >> tonight, rick perry comes alive. new details about the captain's role after the cruise ship started taking on water. >> and then a horse gets loose and heads for the crowd. we begin in south carolina where it is crunch time for the candidates who are not named mitt romney. >> most experts believe if romney wins the state he puts this race to bed, but the remaining competitors are trying to make sure that doesn't happen. >> five candidates were left after huntsman dropped out today. >> we need to satisfy the country, that whoever we nominate has a record that can stand up to barack obama in a very effective way. >> i know that people are going to come after me, and i know president obama will come after
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me, but the record is pretty darn good. >> good, he said, as governor of massachusetts. >> governor romney, as governor raised taxes and massachusetts was 47th in job creation. >> and rick perry claimed this. >> there were a lot of people that lost jobs there. >> romney claimed bain saved jobs. >> you talk about sports authority, and others they alone created jobs. >> romney looked unphased and confident. >> i am the guy that can best post up against barack obama, and that's his appeal to south carolina republicans. if he can win, he figures he can
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have a clear path to the gop nomination. and tonight in the cruise ship crash, authorities increased the numbers of missing to 29 passengers, and six people are confirmed dead. tonight the cruise company is blaming the captain for the crash saying he steered the ship too close to the shore so he could show it off. passengers say getting off the ship was complete chaos. >> people were passing out and getting nervous and having chest pains, i was having chest pains and anxiety because i don't know how to swim. >> the ship's captain is in police custody and is accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship. and there was a phone conversation between the captain and the port authority. it reads, captain did you really abandon the ship?
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and he rereplies no. >> and there are already casualties. >> how many? >> you should tell me that. what do you want to do, go home? you get back on that ship and tell us what can be done. how many people are still there and what do they need. he replies, okay, okay, i am going. and then tonight a 5-year-old is accused of stabbing three people with a knife. two children and an adult were wounded and taken to a hospital, and the authorities are evaluating the 5-year-old. this went down 15 miles north of charlottesville. watch this video. it's robbers with guns pointed as they take down a car in a parking lot of a shop.
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>> reporter: it happened so fast, even shoppers who were standing nearby didn't realize what was happening. first, watch the images in real time. what just happened here? now, check it out in slow motion. just as the armored car guard is walking out of walmart, it get snatched by a man with a gun. the robbers make their escape in a white passenger van. it happened about 8:00 a.m. in buoy. and there was a clouded image was produced that was not useful. and then this camera captured clear pictures of the robber's van entering the parking lot and making the getaway. police won't say how much money the robbers escaped with. anybody with information is asked to call the police.
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back to you. some places, it's cold and some places wet. >> the windshield wipers out there as a result of light rain falling across parts of the area. more showers back towards loudoun county and montgomery county and along 270 here. it is on the chilly side, but not too cold. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, there will be more changes. i will show you what i'm talking about coming up in a few minutes. and a baby girl was abandoned in front of a home in northeast. she had no clothes on and was wrapped only in a thin blanket. the baby was rushed to the hospital but doctors could not revive her. neighbors can be believe anybody would do such a thing. >> i still can't get into my head that i have seen what i have seen. my mind is still trying to tell
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me that i didn't see what i seen, because i have two kids of my own and i can't picture that happening. >> police say the baby appears to be a week old. there was -- there is a safe haven hall that requires you to leave the baby at a fire station or hospital, and this baby was left at the front of somebody's house. and then nobody seriously hurt, but fire officials say there was a faulty heating unit and residents are expected to be back in their homes tonight. and we caught up with the roommate of the man charged in this crash. >> maria is filled with pain after police say her grandson, 8 years old, died in a crash in
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alexandria. >> i like very. >> she liked him, and he liked soccer. the boy and his mom were walking down the street and a 22-year-old ran off the road approaching i-395 crashing into brian and his mother. brian died and his mom survived with two broken legs. >> it's sad knowing that he's gone. he was a little brother to me. >> victor stayed on the scene and police arrested him on dui, manslaughter and reckless driving and driving without a license. >> why did he do that? he was drunk. >> we tried to get an answer from his roommate. >> was he drinking here yesterday? >> no. >> what do you want to see happen to the driver? >> bring him to justice. >> what is justice? >> pay his time, everything. >> how long? >> killing an 8-year-old child,
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i would say a life sentence. >> victor is still in jail, and he has a court appearance at 9:00 in the morning. the american civil liberties union is suing metro transit police. the suit claims an officer violated the might of miller by asking questions and was thrown to the ground. >> mr. miller is innocent of crime and of wrong doing and he speaks up and got arrested and we want to push back to have a court speak to the metro transit authorities to say that's wrong. >> the suit will be filed in court tomorrow morning. police in fairfax are working with authorities in peru. he was arrested in his native country on friday.
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it's not yet clear when he might be returned to the u.s. the personal information of 24 million customers could be at risk tonight after hackers hit the online shoe retailer. credit card and personal information was not stolen, but names, phone numbers and addresses and e-mails and the last four digits from credit cards were accessed. they have reset more than 24 million exposed passwords and they are urging customers to change the log in on sights -- sites in which they use the same password. and then there's a problem with the water pumps in mini cooperators in models build between 2006 and 2011. the problem has led to four reports of fires so far. in dallas a startled horse
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sent people running during the parade today. the horse ran through the parade in the wrong direction and bumped into a couple women and they were not seriously hurt. police are not sure what spooked the horse in the first place. the president and mrs. obama joined a crowd in a celebration concert in honor of martin luther king jr. they helped to spruce up the library at the education center in northeast, and barack obama said there's no better way to honor the legacy than through service. >> if you look at that speech talking about dr. king as a drum major, what he really said was that all of us can be a drum major for service, and all of us can be a drum major for justice,
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and there's nobody who can't serve. >> the national park service has a month to come up with an alternate quote. ahead tonight, rush limbaugh taking aim at a d.c. council member. he referred to her as babe. the plan made to make you safer while shopping and dining in georgetown. maryland begins to bleed purple. plus, burgers, fries,
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pure evil. that's how police described a man's actions in a series of home invasions in montgomery and principles georges county. he is accused of three home invasions and three sex assaults. police are still looking for an accomplice who has not been identified. and there was a 14% increase in property crimes in georgetown, so they are installing cameras throughout the neighborhood. one is already in place. the plan is to install 15 of them to keep residents and the streets a little bit safer. a d.c. council member became the latest target for limbaugh. he was using a policy to make a
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point about how liberal washington is, and during that rant, he referred to shea as the babe behind the tax. the employment center for what is going to be maryland's largest casino is now taking applications. maryland live says it needs to fillmore than 1,500 positions for its new location next to mills mall. there are full and part time jobs available in all departments and all shifts. can you apply online, and it will be open until june when the casino is scheduled to open. purple pride spreading from baltimore all the way across here. to keep up with demand, there's a pop-up store at the inner harbor, and this way you can get your favorite ravens gear before
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sunday. >> new shipments are arriving daily. we will keep getting more players and t-shirts and jerseys, and it will keep going as the week goes on. >> and the ravens play on sunday for a chance to go to the super bowl. there will be a spoking ban in a lot of the bars in indianapolis during the super bowl. the legislature has been unable to prohibit smoking in bars but the state's oldest bar and a lot of other ones are banning smoking before the big game. owners say it's a nice way to welcome visitors and drum up business. got a little snow up there, it looks like, but here -- >> we got a lot of rain. >> yeah, we got rain and cold temperatures. tomorrow warm temperatures and then cold air again, and then i could go o. but i got three minutes. let's get into it and show you what we got. it's all over the place. the weather doesn't know what it wants to do. mother nature has been all over
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the place. let's take a look outside right now. not bad across the area right now, but we did have showers and it's fairly cold outside, and every time you get cold rain it's never fun. temperatures today, the record high -- or actually the high temperature for the record, 42 degrees. that was set two hours ago. the low this morning was 25. today will go down below average, so it's the third day in a row below average, and we have only seen it one other time this winter, and most of the time we are above average. and winds are out of the south-southwest at 14 miles per hour. and take a look at the numbers. 38 right now in martins burg, and 33 in culpepper. many of these numbers have stayed where they were at 6:00 or risen since then, and we may see the numbers rise more. closer to the metro area, dulles
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at 39. fairfax county and prince georges county coming in at 39, and 41 at college park. and shower activity in through southern maryland, and st. mary's county and back to north montgomery county and damascus, and in through frederick county and back to the west and west virginia and western portions of virginia, and we're going to continue to see showers throughout the rest of the night. you can continue to see how these moved on through here. and you will see them move through overnight and through the morning hours tomorrow. you want to take umbrellas. do you want it to get warmer? a lot saying yes and a lot saying no. 58 in atlanta today. and nearly 70 in st. louis and memphis. that's the warm air that will make it into our region tomorrow. and many areas will hit the 63 mark once again. high pressure has produced the
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cold air moving to the south and east, and we will see a more southwesterly flow, and that will help to warm things up. tomorrow morning, expect to see shower activity. here comes the windy and warm air, and maybe sunshine tomorrow. if we get sun, it could produce stronger winds, and temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60. and then the frontal boundary moves through tomorrow afternoon and a few showers, and breezy and cool, and then we go back to the average of 43 degrees. how are you going to wake up tomorrow morning? a few showers tonight, and then tomorrow at 7:30, everybody getting in on the action. once again you will need the umbrellas as you step outside. and i think i-66 is where most of it will be, and then noon back in here for lunchtime we will see shower activity most of the day and then around 6:30 tomorrow night. not an all day rain but enough to keep the umbrellas handy. tomorrow afternoon, i think some
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areas could get in the upper 50s to lower 60s across the area. mild, rather windy with the heaviest rain staying to the north. in the next couple days, here comes the roller coaster again, and a possible flury, 38 on friday, and then right back up again towards the weekend, and then into next week as we move back into the 40s and 50s by the end of the weekend. so 60s, 30s, 40s, 50s -- back, you know. >> it's like tepid, not cold, not hot. still ahead tonight. a fast-food chain is delivering in our
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put you to the test, dan. say something good about the wizards. >> uh, i did the same thing at 6:00, there's always next year and they have young talent and they have to find a way to harness the talent. another wizards loss and another disconnect between the coach saunders and one of the players. mcgee, just like a couple of his other teammates, doesn't get it. let's go to the verizon center. wall certainly ate his wheaties this morning. and wall driving in the lane. he will hang and hit. he had 38 points in the game. nearly triples his scoring average for the season. third quarter, wizards down by
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eight. john wall to mcgee, off the backboard and back to himself. wizards are down by eight. flip saunders not happy at all, so he sat mcgee the final nine minutes of the game. later in the game, wall turns it over, and part of a 25-8 rockets run. and houston wins it. the wizards drop to 1-12 on the season. after the game, the talk was about the show boating. >> maybe i am too old school, but save that for the all-star game, not during a game. we have some players that look for highlights rather than substance. >> apparently if you get a fast break and throw off the backboard, and you are not supposed to do stuff like that. i feel like i am trying to get the team hyped and make a good
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play, but i guess not. >> and wendy rieger said who cares. >> he is making a basket. you pull him before you win? come on, i don't care as long as you get it in, i don't care how you show boat. >> well, that's the point, no show boating. win the game. and then the 5'7" point guard is one of the top 25 players. here he goes. 5'7", and all he does is get buckets. hanging in the lane. and then in the second, watch this crossover.
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this is just filthy. and there he goes. 36 points, and patterson led nearly the entire game. and down by one with nine seconds to go. charles glover, the jumper off the mark and kicked out to jenkins, and he got it. that's the game winner! the buzzer beater to win the game. what a performance there for jenkins. he had 27 on the night. also tonight, third quarter, down 15 with the ball. and then a turnover, and cumberlander converts. and then look at this. a big old left-hander for mormon. coolidge defends the home court and wins 62-55. and college park, the maryland women hosting virginia. this young lady having a good
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time. second half, terps up by three. and then hawkins has tunnel vision, going coast-to-coast, eight points for hawkins, and maryland leads 45-42. terps up by seven now. and then draining the jumper, she had a game high of 20. and they are now 16-1 on the season. you guys like that nickname, crime stopper. >> yeah.
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